Message from the Executive Director

Summer 2013

I hope your summer is going great.  I am certainly enjoying the cooler temperatures and the sight of the flourishing, green countryside.

I am proud that Project Read is flourishing too.  We continue to serve basic literacy, GED, and English-as-a-Second Language students in Madison and surrounding counties where Ethel is improving her reading, Amanda is studying to get a GED, and two of our Japanese students are improving their English-speaking skills.  These learning experiences continue to occur as a result of our wonderful tutors who unselfishly volunteer to give their time and energy to help others.  Our dedicated Governing Board provides assistance and direction in a hundred different ways to keep Project Read focused on its goal of helping those in need.

We are always looking for ways to secure more people to help with the task of sharing literacy.You can be involved in our efforts by volunteering to become a tutor or a board member, or by supporting us with your tax-deductible donations.  We are located at 2150 Lexington Road, Suite H, Richmond, KY, our phone number is (859) 623-4905, and my email address is